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Exhibition: Imagine Nation

August 2006, Tokyo

Verso, art credit:

1/22/94 (USA)  5'' x 7''

Ballpoint pen on paper

*Village Voice illustration


$3.00 USD500 (*single)

POSTCARD 2: RARE & limited-print invitation & promotional postcards.  Only very limited numbers of these cards/items remain available, in some cases down to the final handful of cards, and will not be reprinted.  Their rarity and availability is reflected in the pricing, but all rare items are signed/stamped by the artist and enclosed in archival acrylic holders.

Visit lenniemace.com for Lennie Mace's ticker-tape scroll showing more original artwork unavailable as reproductions.

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Cat 1 (Mario)



10/22—11/24 1993, New York

Verso, art credit:

May 1993 (USA)

12'' x 17''  Ballpoint on paper

*Early portrait sample

$3.00 USD500 (*single)

Rubber-stamped exhibition information 

Stamps produced for every exhibition.


Lennie Mace traditionally

prints his exhibition cards with

artwork as the card face

and only fine-print art credit

information pre-printed

on the verso. Rubber stamps

are produced to add all

pertinent exhibition information.

A portion of cards are stamped

for each exhibition, as invitation

cards for opening receptions.

The remaining "blanks" are

distributed for sale in select

shops (in Japan) or sold

at exhibitions as keepsake

"art postcards".

Unless otherwise noted,

stamped cards may be

available. Inquire about

availability when placing orders.

*Rubber stamps shown as examples only, NOT FOR SALE.

Lennie Mace Market


Exhibition: HAPPYness

October 2003, Tokyo

Verso, art credit:

091703 (Tokyo)  6'' x 8''

Ballpoint pen on magazine ad.

Kanji design ()

$3.00 USD500 (*single)

Under The Hood

Exhibition: Heels&Wheels  April 2000, San Francisco

Verso, art credit:

8/99 (USA)  17'' x 12''  Ballpoint pen on giclee print,

then used as a magazine ad.

*Verso pre-printed exhibition info.

$4.00 USD500 (*single)

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Purple Pachyderm

Exhibition: Pen Pal  October 2012, San Francisco

*Verso: unrelated, pre-printed gallery exhibition information.

Art credit:

080706 (Bangkok)  25 x 36 cm  Ballpoint pen on newspaper.

$4.00 USD500 (*single)

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Absolut Mace   Xcard sold out  

Exhibition: 365 DAZE 

1/21—3/13 1999, New York 

Verso, art credit:

1/22/98 (USA)   8.5 x 11''  

Ballpoint on magazine ad. Media Graffiti series 

Lennie Mace Market


Exhibition: Made in Japan

4/21—5/1 1996, Tokyo.

Verso, art credit: 1/19/96

(USA) *Mis-signed 1/19/95

8 x 11''  Ballpoint on print,

then used as advertising.

Media Graffiti series

$4.00 USD500


*lenniemacemarket sometimes experiences image-data trouble causing over-saturation and other color problems. Please bear with us as we try to resolve the problem, and visit again to see better results!

Dog 3


Ballpoint Pen Masterpieces 2

December 1992, New York

Art credit: Feb 1992 (USA)

12'' x 17''

Ballpoint on paper.

Shown drawing live, CBS news.

$4.00 USD500

*All  RARES  sold as

single cards toward

$10 minimum purchase

Stares composition  

*Poetry book cover commission.  

Rejected; instead self-published as

a double-sided promotional card. 

Art credit: 11/14/95 (Tokyo) 

8'' x 11''  Ballpoint pen on paper  

$5.00 USD500 (*single)

Sugar ・ Hair salon shop card (below )

*Verso: pre-printed shop info.

Art credit:  062607 (Tokyo) 36 x 25 cm

Watercolor & ballpoint on paper.

Part of a full makeover commission.

$5.00 USD500 (*single)