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Don't be intimidated by the ordering process, we're still taking orders the old fashioned way: tell us what you'd like and we'll give you a fair price! We promise service with a smile but you'll just have to trust us on that. We hope YOU're smiling!


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Hand-cut wooden toy cars.

Drinking Flasks.


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Artwork & Otherwise;

Curiosities for visitors 

with Eclectic Interests.

For the Picker Inside.

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Lennie Mace Market

   Lennie Mace Market is a POINTS EAST  production. All content copyright © Lennie Mace/THE LAB.

Lennie Mace Market


Japanese  New Year Card  series, ongoing

New card design annually as per Chinese Calendar

NEW  for 2019:  Inoshishi (Boar)


General-select POSTCARDS   Proceed to the POSTCARD 1 market page to view readily available postcards.

Color & detail beautifully reproduced on all postcards, as per original artwork. Below, a cropped detail of Sakura Suberidai  (Cherry Blossom

Slide) reproduced here only slightly larger than its original portion, showing ballpoint techniques of pen stroke & color mixing. At left, full art as it appears printed on postcard &  Pedaling Ponytails Pretty  (Cycling), another card from the Play Pen  series (2011-2012). Both cards available as singles, a pair, or in packs of 10+ cards. All postcards 102 x 150cm (4'' x 5.75'' ) unless noted. 



Giclee print  A Show For Noriko  2000 (USA)

POINTS EAST is proud to join Lennie Mace in assisting with the distribution of products bearing his ballpoint pen artwork; promotional materials and collectibles produced over 

twenty-five years of illustrating, exhibiting and art activity across the United States and Asia.  Until now only available at exhibitions, we have teamed to create this market to serve outside requests.  Visit for Lennie Mace's ticker-tape scroll showing more original artwork unavailable as reproductions.