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Lennie Mace Market

Lennie Mace Market

​​​mission 1:


gimme back my

million-dollar view!

= pass the machete...

August 10, 2015

began solo.

August 12

US contingent arrives.

by August 15

mission accomplished,

along with other


​​​​​​?SOON :

(below) look at all that makeshift flooring; the underside of what will become the main/first floor, seen from the rear lower level (a panoramic patchwork of individual snapshots)... step at your own risk!  it will ALL soon come out, especially now that i'm close to clearing all the buildup it's supporting... the forthcoming main/first floor won't come this far back, especially the central portion... those two central I-beam lengths will also come out and probably be re-purpposed as support for various 3rd-floor additions... ​the wood 'flooring' will also be repurposed as temporary walls, gates; wherever it will be useful, even if only as firewood further down the line~

​​​mission 3:

room w/ a view!

the Master Suite?

= clear heavy metal clutter...

November 11, 2015

at least a dozen K-truck loads

of steel, aluminum, copper

& various  light machinery

to my new salvage BFFs.

​by November 14

mission accomplished,

along with other




Lennie Mace


derelict factory becomes mountain 'retreat', guest house, mixed-use venue for creative world travelers​


Southern Japanese 'Alps'​



at left,

master of the castle

Lennie Mace standing on

2nd floor landing in

the concrete corner

of the castle, outside

the newly cleared

master suite

(formerly King Tut's tomb)

November 14, 2015

visit again for

new diary entries



Ena Castle

ENA CASTLE  Now under construction.  Turning an age-old derelict factory into a mountain retreat, guest house, mixed-use venue & more.

Ground broken: August, 2015.  Estimated date of completion: DEATH.  Track progress & read the artist's log entries here, updated regularly.

Visitlenniemace.com for Lennie Mace's ticker-tape scroll showing more original artwork unavailable as reproductions.


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